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Thursday, April 05, 2007 @8:38 AM

the thing is....
it been bugging me for quite some time now....
i questioning myself what are the things that i still wanna achieve in life.....
i get paranoid every now and then.... seeing people like my age in my workplace leaving once they've commit for two years.... i mean do i have to do that too...?
i know its good to experience differentkind of workscope and sorroundings.....but i could see myself working here for quite some time...
on the other hand i still wanna climb up the ladder fast...
i wanna upgrade myself and take degree but i'm doubting my own self if i could really cope and have that sufficient intelligence to pull it through...
of cos i want to......there always a BUT...
maybe i lack determination...i dont now la.....
these freaking ambitious unsatisfied people make me jump out of my chair and will end up in some deep thinking like an acid that damages my whole brain....
then ill get all crazy...asking for people opinion and stuff
eerrgghhh......beacuse i myself dont have a strong vision of what i want
ya i'm just maybe im just weak and really should stand firm on what is best for me

Am i being really ambitious ...i don't know la but if its gonna promise me a better future....
but of cos there's a lot of sacrifices and resources that has to go along with it
why not kan?entahlah

<3 ing every page of my imagination

@8:38 AM

<3 ing every page of my imagination

Thursday, January 18, 2007 @4:58 AM

halluuu my beloved people,

haha, ya i know its like once in 6 months i update my blog.....=p

hey huda aka jaja , now then i understood what you were saying, i didn't realise that i repeat my posts so many times until like 10 mins ago... so paiseh! slengeh betol aku...

this is WAAAY WAAAY beyond pentium 1 .....

well its been 2 months i work in SIA...well how do i actually feel?

the first month was alright...stoning and staring into space
apparently, the person who was suppose to set up my computer was away for vacation for two weeks..... apa lagi! shake leg la hehe! another thing that encourage me go to work is this guy called iswady....oh he's ok looking but what the heck...i loike goofy guys.
just when i just entered dreamland, the next minute i know he was leaving.....eeerrgghhh!
i didn't even got to know him that well, so i kapo ..ask him y u leaving?

he got a job at planet fitness aas a personal trainer.....woah u hot thang!!!!!

he apologise to me and i qoute " Nooreen i'm sorry i didn't gotta chance to get to know you!"
for once i feel as if i was floating ...this guy is such a sweetie!ok maybe i feeling over the top.... u guys must be either grining or puking right now by the time u read this...hahaha..

the second month:
slowly picking up my "real" job....now is the middle of january....
basically i replenish aircraft parts that are low in stock...
today was my first official meeting up with my first client vendor....
was quite fun hahaha....

i'll update more frequent k....i PROMISE!!! =P

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Saturday, October 14, 2006 @6:32 AM

i should have updated my blog earlier so the readers here wont be that
now i dun even know where to start my story...
ok here goes..
it all started like two weeks after i work at SASCO...
initially i didn't see myself falling for this guy...
cause he's not muslim/malay..so i thought its harmless..nothing will happen
i mean its easy for me to like a person..but not really falling hard for
that particular person...
but rite now i think im in the middle of both stages.
i should have listen to mus..and controlled my feelings...chasing after something that is impossible in the first place..damn im so stubborn...but its like a saying that goes " the more u cant get it, the more u chase after it" well it does have its own set of consequences
to me his cute but mus think he has a cacat head (haha) i guess i have
overlook that and didn't notice anything
he's charming, gentleman,sweet,cute....eerrrgghh damn it! he will do those
little things that will make me smile and feel that as if maybe things might
work out...or is it im thinking way toooooo far
sometimes i just fell like banging my head SO HARD against the wall that i would have amnesia and forget about this bloody guy....
better still divert my attention to this new malay guy called azhar where he wanted to help me " cannon" with......
but stupid nooreen neva learn from her lesson...despite having bad
experiences in liking a guy....
i just wanna build up the faith and confidence but everytime i do that i
fall back hard on the ground...
agaknyer 90% of guys can only see personality when they overlook the
how i just wish guys are just blind or have "the shallow hal syndrome" for
girls like me when it comes to love..maybe im just plain pathetic
is it im being tooo emo when maybe its too early..........listening to
bloody sad lovey dovey songs ...that shayne ward " no promises" is stucked in ma head
i don't know! cause i'm already numb..................

<3 ing every page of my imagination

Sunday, September 24, 2006 @9:55 PM

Its first day of work...boring haha...fasting somemore...takpe sabar nooreen...

Went for an interview last saturday some support representative position...Lucky me the one interviewing was also a TP graduate from design school...Its more like hey you know this person, you know that person rather than an interview..further more she very pretty..replica of cheryl fox plus super super nice! I LOIKE!
Driving on sat SUCKS! i was late for like 1hr 15 mins..wasted sia...instructor somehere very quiet ... i think maybe he was pissed off maybe i came late...haha...barely teach me anything..nevertheless sunday driving turn out good, instructor like ah beng! Talk alot but at least learn alot..hehe..
My target for this one month of fasting:
Errmm let me see
*Lose 10 kg (possible or not)
*Work like mad earn extra cash for hari raya
*wanna get myself a creative mp3
*Also shoes and guess handbag for raya

Ok la i think can hehe...ok lunch hour finish..
will update again.... out for now

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Tuesday, September 19, 2006 @9:28 PM

Happiness is like a crystal,
Fair and exquisite and clear,
Broken in a million pieces,
Shattered, scattered, far and near.
Now and then along life's pathway,
Then some shining fragments fall;
But there are so many pieces
No one ever finds them all.

Nice rite...
Boi if i only could..........?
To think back i'll rather cherish the pieces ive found and be content. Waste time only.Haha I'm tired and its only the 3rd day of the week..cant wait for weekends ..that is if im not working..BOOO!hey mus can change my layout new one can?Today not going swimming.I wanna go shopping la...How i wish im in canada or L.A rite now shopping.practically picking out every top,pants,bags,shades,shoes.The best part my dad still have one last free ticket for me then can go shopping overseas...YIPEE.i better make use of it before it expires march 2007.Go and woo some ang-moh (macam mane nyer hot jek lol)..wonder how brandon doing... Going back to work soon...Adios for now.

<3 ing every page of my imagination

Wednesday, August 02, 2006 @9:03 AM

Things turn out bad in the morning.The temporary job that i had the contract was being terminated.Splendid !!! Errkkss!Series of unfortunate events.I'm thinking what could be more worse in the future.Really really,i have prepared myself for the worst.

Well, i usually keep feelings to myself but i think this time round it showed no my face.My sis realised and decided to ajak me out! Yipee! Despite the fact that she had to drag me outta the house!! haha ....She ajak me go eat waffle ice-cream at Gelare!It was super SYIOK! Stress reliever!thats what i do if im sad i like to indulge in junk food and sweet stuff!haha..lepas tu terus happi kejap!sekejap jek...Out of the weirdest things both of us went to buy old walt disney cartoon like mickey mouse,snow white and cinderella..I wanna live in a fairy tale world where eveything is so sweet and magical ...I wanna be a kid and neva grow up..i just wanna watch cartoons,eat ice cream and just play play play.....Indeed i feel happi when i watched those..thank to my BELOVED sis! And i'm happy for now....=)

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Sunday, July 30, 2006 @10:48 PM

I dont know what's becoming of me.I wanna go to work.I wanna earn money for myself.But there seems to be no windows or doors opening for me to fulfill it.Mybe before that i should just master the art of communicating.All my feelings are jumble up.I do believe in fate and luck but i dont know if its rite to say this ,im slowly losing my faith oredi.I feel that ive gone to zillions of interviews and being turn down one by one.Rejections after rejections after rejections.The reason i write this is also to just to pour out my feelings.Maybe its Depression that ive slowly realised about myslef.I don't wanna go and tell my friends i haven gotten a job and i'm worried about it.Maybe they will get sick abt it cos there's no other topic to talk about.And it makes it worse when ur mum is screaming at u 24/7 and pressuring u.She even went to the extent of making me do sembahyang sunat taubat and say maybe ive done too many sins that this is kinda result out of it.I dont wanna think it that way but maybe she has a point.Maybe this is karma.Something is wrong somewhere and the best part is i don't know what it is.People keep on telling me its not the time yet.I'm at the downside of the wheel.Maybe its just a small matter. And Im getting paranoid.I feel so helpless!I wanna be patient ,i gotta be patient and i should be patient.

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